Quantum Monte Carlo Methods in Communication (master- or bachelor thesis level)
The recent progress in the development of quantum Monte Carlo techniques raises the question where fruitful applications of the novel methods are possible.
Monte Carlo methods have been applied in the field of communications as well. The question is, whether physical size and number of qubits in quantum computers are competitive for applications in this field, and if so what these applications might be.
Interested students should contact: Stephen DiAdamo (stephen.diadamo@tum.de) or Janis Nötzel (janis.noetzel@tum.de)
Shape recognition from clustered data (master- or bachelor thesis level)
Many interesting problems cannot be captured using state of the art algorithms. In this project we use geometric fitting approaches for positioning based on noisy observations. The project includes:
  • Implementation and testing (empirical and theoretical) of a known algorithm
  • Adaption of real-world datasats
  • Theoretical and empirical analysis of the algorithm
  • Interested students should contact: Janis Nötzel (janis.noetzel@tum.de)
    Data scattered according to geometric model